CBD Nation Report

A powerful and revealing full-length documentary examining the real research and evidence behind cannabis and CBD streams around the globe on August 25th.

Available on Amazon Video and iTunes, CBD Nation features the world’s leading experts in the field of cannabis scientific research and follows the emotional stories of several patients who bravely took control of their own medical journeys, often in the face of powerful resistance, to improve their own quality of life.

Among the many powerful personal stories CBD Nation tells is Rylie Maedler’s. At age seven, she was diagnosed with a rare degenerative disease, which in her case, caused tumors to eat away at her facial bones. Today, the 14-year-old remains the only known person in the world with the condition whose bones have regenerated.


Pic: Rylie and Janie Maedler outside of the Delaware Legislative Hall. (Image courtesy Mad Machine Films)

“I hope that doctors, educators and politicians see this film,” says Rylie, who worked closely with legislators in her home state of Delaware to pass Rylie’s Law, granting children with qualifying conditions access to medical cannabis.  “Because I’m living proof of the fact that cannabis and CBD have a place in modern medicine.”

The documentary also includes an interview with Raphael Mechoulam – the Israeli scientist who discovered THC, the endocannabinoid system and the therapeutic efficacy of CBD to treat medical conditions – who says years and years of published reports and research were pretty much ignored.

“We published our findings thirty-seven years ago: cannabidiol (CBD) blocks epileptic attacks in patients. What happened? Nothing, for thirty years. Nothing happened until desperate parents like those in this film did their own research and found out that cannabidiol can help children with epilepsy,” he says.

“But epilepsy is just one of many conditions that we know cannabis medicine can treat. If the world chooses to not look at all of the science, it is not ignorance – it’s negligence.” 

With more than 30 physicians, clinicians, scientists and patients clearly explaining how the human body has evolved to work with cannabis, CBD Nation promises to provide compelling evidence for the world’s most politicised plant to be accepted for what it is: medicine.

Watch the full length trailer for CBD Nation – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rp0ls32hhpU#action=share