Our Values

Our Mission

“To be the most trusted and reputable supplier of CBD oils and products in the UK – and to simplify the benefits of CBD”

When it comes to CBD, we know you deserve the best. Like you, we too have been left dazed and confused over the seemingly endless array of oils, sprays, capsules, gels and balms out there, all claiming to offer different benefits. We also realised that the quality of what we were purchasing from other suppliers was, to say the least, suspect.

As one of our founders, Karla, says: “It’s kind of like the wild wild west at the moment because the legislation is still a bit kind of grey, there’s different people setting up shop, so I just felt that it was important not only to bring the best products to market, but also bring CBD products to the market that people could understand. We want to simplify the CBD experience for everyone.”

Our Vision

“To enhance the day to day lives of our customers and their families via the pure natural wonder that is CBD”

We passionately believe it is our duty to help, inform and educate on the benefits of CBD to help people maximise their potential.


Our Culture

Hempelicious was born out of a belief that CBD can and will change the world.

Born with a chronic hip condition (and registered as disabled), Karla found the simple things we all take for granted in life, such as walking, sitting and dancing, difficult. She spent the majority of her days in constant pain. On top of this, years of prescription-based drugs had left her lacking in energy and exhausted.

Karla felt even more impacted after the birth of her son and found it heartbreaking when she struggled to do simple motherly duties such as picking him up for a cuddle and ‘playing dinosaurs’.

And so she embarked on a journey to find a more holistic, organic and natural solution to her condition.

It was her discovery of CBD oil that changed her life.

“There are some days now when I have no pain whatsoever and that is so amazing,” she says. “I’m now able to be more active with my son and I have much more energy. That for me is just priceless.”

Karla is now passionate about CBD and it’s potential life changing benefits. Because of her experience and, since then, the personal experiences of others, she helped set up Hempelicious and hopes to bring the benefits of CBD to all those who would like to listen.

You can view Karla’s story in her own words here.

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