Source: Sky News
Thursday 7 November 2019

Teenager Lucy Stafford, who has Ehlers Danlos syndrome, says her life changed for the better after self-medicating with cannabis.

Lucy Stafford has been in extreme pain and has had numerous surgeries to combat the debilitating effects of a rare medical condition.

Since paying privately for the drug, at a cost of £800 a month, her pain has reduced so much that she has stopped other treatments and started university. Here, she writes about how medical cannabis changed her life for the better.

I have a genetic connective tissue disorder called Ehlers Danlos syndrome, which basically means my body cannot produce collagen correctly.

The connective tissues in my joints and my stomach and my bladder – and all of my internal organs – are much more hyper-mobile and flexible than they should be, making them not very good at functioning and extremely painful.

As part of my condition, I dislocate my joints very easily without trauma. So I can dislocate my shoulder by brushing my hair or dislocate my hip by rolling over in bed – causing a huge amount of pain.

But the opiates caused horrendous side effects and made my body become dependent on them.

When I was first prescribed opiates I didn’t even know they were addictive or that your body developed this dependence on them.

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